Affiliate Program

Make Money Through Our Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Marketers’ Program provides you with a market-leading performance-advertising campaign. Performance advertising is simple; you receive large earnings for promoting high-quality, unique tour packages and related services to your audience.

If you’re completely new to performance advertising & travel affiliate programs then we can provide you with free tutorials and help with success. If you’re an experienced marketer, you will love our state-of-the-art platform and our real-time reporting capabilities. You might also be able to negotiate a custom insertion order with us to better fit your requirements.

How it Works

    • You get paid for reaching out to your audience with performance campaigns via your blog, website, newsletter, and search landing page;
    • You may receive payments via direct deposit into your bank account on a daily basis, depending on the details of our arrangement;
    • Our system will keep track of the referrals, and you will be paid on a performance basis for promoting our tour packages and related services;
    • If you are a skilled marketer, we offer the greatest controls and tracking technologies to guarantee that all of your referrals are tracked and that you receive real-time updates.


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